Miles Promocean

About Miles Promocean

A Worldwide Network – a Team of Experts

„We are an International Group who create & supply products & services, that support our clients business and enhance their brand performance.“ Miles Promocean is a leading actor of the POSM market for already more than 25 years. To Miles Promocean belong sourcers, designer, developers and fulfillers with more than 130 skilled and dedicated personnel, seating over 3 different continents including Europe, Asia and America in more than 10 locations. (Barcelona, Cologne, Dacca, den Bosch, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Madrid, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Sydney and Warsaw).

..Uniqueness requires Ideas and Solutions

Idea generation, product development, complex distribution is at the heart of today’s global Brands expectation with increasing digitalization and speed. As a result Miles-Promocean’s final objective is to accompany key Brands in each aspect of their Supply Chain journey and create value. We deal with each customer case as unique case and develop tailor-made tools and solutions to best fulfil their needs.


Packaging is a part of our 4 P strategy and concerns a variety of product ranges. Especially in the Wine&Spirit industry and the Luxury industry, we design and develop eye-catching and festive value-added packs, gift packs to push our client’s products on permanent shelves, or during a specific season or a special occasion.
Not only the Wine&Spirit and Luxury industries are our expertises, we also have the properties and the experience in the food industry. In this product area, we create and produce primary and food-related packages. All of this activity is orchestrated by a very thorough analysis of the Brand itself, but also material and decoration trends, consumer behaviour analysis that guide us into our offer so as to remain close to the end consumer’s expectations.


Premium is one of our field of expertise. We deal with standard items or special development and OEM. Textiles, bags, toys, bar items, Gifts with Purchase, Add-ons, On-pack promotions… are the key categories we service. Our designers and product engineers have a wide experience and can make each item exclusive to a consumer group.


Long-standing and trusting partnerships are important to us. A business at eye level. We carefully maintain the cooperation with our customers, but also with our worldwide suppliers. Only then can a business idea become an efficient, growing and profitable business. Our holistic commitment also includes the very important area of fulfillment:

POS & Corporate Fashion

We define point of sales materials as non-sold items that help and support our customers to develop their own activity and business on a daily basis. That includes a wide range of products:
Firstly we offer manual or automatic paper bags, bows and ribbons, hangers, suit covers, e-commerce special packs, are very relevant to the Retail worlds of Fashion, Jewellery, Gourmet Food, Writing instruments, Watches. We are using highly tested and qualitative material to surrounder our client’s items.
Second we provide Barware, Dispensers, enlighted Signs, Statues or Glorifiers, which are mostly used in the Wine&Spirit industry. Here we help our clients to magnify their offering and support outstanding presentation of their Brands.
Finally Corporate Fashion is a key tool to vehicle and translate the values of a Brand or a Retailer via their own staff and the way they present themselves to their own clients. In this situation, clothing styles and components become the centre of attention. Apparel from the “Corporate Fashion” department of Miles Promocean belongs in the business sector, customer service, corporate events, exhibitions and finally across the entirety of functional and work clothing. We offer our customers a multitude of design options, like special accents, details or colours and similarly the possibility of different combinations, such as whole outfits or even single pieces. The designs are developed in close collaboration with our customers and the focus lies simultaneously with reflecting the business culture of firms.